Workshops and training for anyone, anywhere

The advanced paint correction classes are our premier and staple training programs for advanced wet sanding with paint correction concepts and techniques.  Each location will feature guest(s) trainers to offer unique, individualized events offering pieces of knowledge in specific areas of your work or business. The locations and hosts of our events are the leading, and best in our industry from collision repair, custom car builders, museums, details shops, race cars facilities and other special venues

Outside of our core programs, we can cater a training program for you, your team/staff or even car club.  We have full Detailing 101 training programs to cover everything involved with detailing a car from start to finish.  With the ability to touch and use a majority of the tools on the market, along with quality products that work seamlessly to increase overall quality and productivity in the market, it allows you to try or get a feel for items before you make the pricey purchases.

Want us as a guest at your training or want to setup a private event, contact us for further information and details.

  • Personalized 1 on 1 Training  
  • Guest At Your Event  

Do you want one on one training for you, or even your entire staff?  We can put together classes with all the specifics to meet and exceed your needs. With full Detailing 101 training, that cover the basics from start to finish, our paint corrections classes, or even our various wet sanding and advanced paint correction classes, we have everything you need to take your skill or business to the next level of ability and quality.  With a flood in detailing business type trainings, our focus is in the actual skills and the theory and knowledge to support those skills to put the "why" behind what were doing throughout each process of detailing or paintwork. Too many technician and detailers go through the motions or steps without truly understanding what is happening, rather just knowing the process and visualizing the before and after aesthetics.  Knowing the specifics, and doing thing exactly the way they are instructed is very important for the best finished results with protection offering longevity and durability. Contact us to learn more.

Interested in having us attend your next event or training?  Whether it's your next conference, trade show or detailing event, we'd love to join you to train or speak.  Contact us now to find out more.